The Lighthouse Church offers ministries for all ages.

LC KID CITY Our “Hawaiian Island” themed nursery is a place for infants 1-24 months, where they are prayed for and cared for with love. Our “Animal Rescue” themed toddlers room is designed for children ages 3 to 5 years, potty-trained. It’s a fun place where kids learn about enjoying God’s creation. FUSION kids “Lab” themed room is designed for children, ages 6-11 years old. It’s about kids coming together to make a difference! The awesome thing is that the kids are a part of the teaching. They are making memories that influence them to put their faith in God. We want to capture their imagination and inspire them by pulling them into the story and involving them. When we Teach them, they sometimes will forget. When we Show them, they  might remember. But when we Involve them, they WILL GET IT! 

IDENTITY youth ministry is dedicated to be a place where teens can discover WHO they are and WHY they’re here.
A ministry to helping teens find their IDENTITY in Christ.
inspired. is our women’s ministry. Our mission is to encourage, empower and inspire women to discover and live their fullest potential in every arena of their lives.